20 February 2007

Bits and Pieces...

I am feeling strange. Weird headaches, what I can assume are hot flashes, easily annoyed by stupid co-workers. I think that part of my problem is that I am wearing shoes. See, these are the kind of days that I wear my chacos

I think that I release heat from my feet. I have serious barefoot issues (happily, no pregant and barefoot issues though!)

Anyway, i dont feel like working the last thirty minutes of my work day so I will blog instead. Arent you lucky!

I saw this company name today...Centrifuge Solutions. I was so excited because i was hoping this company had all the answers to my centrifuge needs. Turns out they are an internet phone company. Or something like that. Lame

Also, here is a photo of my favorite flower. I couldnt remember the name...turns out they are Gerberas and not, "those one kind that look like daises but have those tiny petals inside of the bigger petals"

Nice eh? Anyone know if these colors are natural or what? That orange is insane.

Here is a strange thing that my older brother is doing. Rate My Fridge. I invite you all to sign up and post a photo. I shall take photos tonight and you shall all get to see deep into my soul...deep. So very deep. I look forward to seeing your soul as well (I sounded crazy just then)

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