01 February 2007


So i found something that made me say to my self...That really pisses me off!


You pussies over at the NFL should really get over yourselves. You honestly spent money drafting a letter to a church to stop them from using the word "Super Bowl" on their handmade flyer and projecting the game for the congregation? Well, guess what boys? I am throwing a party too. I just renamed it to the "Bird-o-rama Super Bowl Spectacular Super Bowl Party Super Super Super Bowl Shindig" Everyone is invited and i am going to pull out Q's projector (yeah, that one too) and show the game on the wall at the house. Everyone should come by...game starts at 4ish but I plan to start drinking at well, lets be honest, 8am.

This part really killed me, "The network economics are based on television ratings and at-home viewing. Out-of-home viewing is not measured by Nielsen." You dirty little bastards are really worried about low Nielsen numbers? Please read this article talking about last years ratings number. Yeah, 90.7 million people watched it last year and the game was a total drag. Fuck you NFL if that number drops to 89.2 million because some god fearing football fans want to watch the game with their families and churchy friends. Shame on you...

Ahh....that felt good.

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