14 February 2007

L is for the way you Laugh at me...

Is that not the right lyric? It seems to fit somehow...

Many (and that is a relative word) of you may have come here to read my rant about Valentines Day and how evil it is. However, as you can see from last years post I have gotten a bit softer, perhaps a bit wiser.

Still, dont get me wrong. I think a lot of people royally screw up the day for themselves but I suppose it doesnt have to be all bad.

So today, instead of ranting, I am going do a quick recap of headlines related to LOVE.

First...Did you guys read that article about Love on CNN.com? It wasnt a shocker or anything, wow your brain shows activity when you think romantic thoughts, surprise surprise. What I thought was interesting was that it was the exact same area that "lights up" so to speak, when you use cocaine. See...if you are lonely there is a quick fix answer! Thanks Science!

Also...a love triangle story out of Greeley--Go Bears! Really, this is like a soap. What i like best about this story so far is that she was pulled over by her husband...solid.

Finally, Hindu activists are protesting V-Day in New Delhi. It seems that, 'Valentine's Day promotes obscene cards and nudity and encourages our youngsters to be publicly affectionate in parks and other places -- this is against our ancient civilisation,' said Jai Bhagwan Goyal, head of Shiv Sena in the capital.

Hmm, maybe I could get into the whole love thing if i got some obscene cards from someone....you listening Q?

If you celebrate, may you get hundreds of tiny cut out hearts with heart doilies glued to them...

If you dont, have a happy wednesday and enjoy the cheap candy sales at the grocery store tomorrow

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Bird said...

You may ask yourself, "I wonder how bird's valentines day turned out?" Well, lemme tell ya, very obscene...so I was more then pleased!!